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  • We specialize in hydraulic construction, including building dams, water reservoirs, shafts, training and protection of rivers and other water engineering objects

  • Power engineering, assembly of steel structures, channels and industrial devices

  • Eletrical systems - for business partners we perform power investments in industry

  • Our offer includes construction and engineering works related to the creation of infrastructure, expansion and modernization of the existing infrastructure of cities and municipalities (sewerage, water supply, heating, telecommunications, etc.)




We prepare the following low-voltage installations:

  •     Fire Alarm Systems
  •     industry television
  •     computer network
  •     telephone network
  •     access and monitoring control
  •     intrusion detection system
  •     building management system
  •     desmoking





 The offer for newly-built buildings and industry buildings in usage includes:

  •      comprehensive electrical measurements:

                  of cables and MV equipment
                 MV switchboards,
                 power transformer,
                 LV main and building switchboards,
                 outgoing circuits from large machinery starting from lightning circuits, basic lightning and emergency lightning
                 resistance of the soil, continuity of earthing system, effective touch voltage
                 isolation and impedance of circuits,

  •    parameterisation of MV safety systems, capacitor batteries, transformer protections, main circuit breakers,
  •    tests of parameterised equipment and machinery, along with confrmation of their fnctionalities,
  •    thermovision measurements,
  •    help in the electric start of complete electrical instalations,
  •    overviews of electrical installations every 1/5 years
  •    help with personnel training in terms of new responsibilities.





The offer for general, industrial and specialised construction includes:

  •     production line powering and controlling
  •     outside cabling installation
  •     medium-voltage switching station
  •     lightning of areas and roads and illumination of the elevation
  •     installations of 3-phase power, lightning, and sockets
  •     installations of control and automatics
  •     installations of emergency power systems and emergency lightning
  •     installation of power generators
  •     lightning rod installation
  •     equipotential systems.







ETP S.A. w restrukturyzacji
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VIII Wydział Gospodarczy
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