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For our business partners we perform power investments in industry, production as well as other economy branches. The service is always individually suited to client's needs in order to find optimal solutions which will ensure costs and time reduction.

We deliver comprehensive service, starting from a concept through design and performance, and ending on the warranty and post-warranty services as well as maintenance. Owing to this solution, the investor doesn't have to coordinate the contact points between consecutive stages of the investment. Settlement takes place on the particular investment stages or basing on the end result.

  • Project Management
  • Project design
  • Conceptual design
  • Working plans and specifications
  • Value engineering
  • As-built design
  • Delivery and installation of equipment according to the project
  • Technical advisory during and after the investment implementation
  • Measurements and tests of installations and equipment
  • Post-warranty service
  • Warranty service – we start works up to 24 h from the issue submission
  • Installation review according to the polish law requirements / 1 year and 5 years
  • Maintenance – modernization of existing installations, current repairs, maintenance of the equipment operation to ensure the flow of production
  • Personnel training in terms of the performed installations and mounted equipment


Budownictwo Hydrotechniczne
Budownictwo Hydrotechniczne
Budownictwo Inżynieryjne
Budownictwo Inżynieryjne
Systemy Elektryczne
Systemy Elektryczne
Kompleksowe usługi dla przemysłu
Kompleksowe usługi dla przemysłu
Doświadczona, profesjonalna kadra
Doświadczona, profesjonalna kadra




We specialize in hydraulic construction, including building dams, water reservoirs, shafts, training and protection of rivers and other water engineering objects. We also perform general construction works, mainly industrial building including reinforced concrete works, earthworks, demolition, and other specialized construction.

  • construction of structures related to the modernization and development of the inland areas
  • upgrading works on flood embankments, construction and protection of water reservoirs for recreational activities, construction of dams, barrages and weirs
  • earthworks, construction and insulation works
  • wide experience in building construction
  • road works including earthworks and frameworks under asphalt surfaces
  • technological systems for water-supply and sewage systems.


Our offer includes construction and engineering works related to the creation of infrastructure for construction, as well as expansion and modernization of the existing infrastructure of cities and municipalities. These include works such as: sewerage, water supply, heating, telecommunications, etc.

  • sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants
  • sewage and water supply networks
  • sewage pumping station
  • sewage sludge drying plant and sludge thermal utilization plant
  • construction of waste facilities
  • residential buildings, office buildings
  • hotels, commercial facilities, halls and industrial facilities
  • logistics centers
  • health care facilities and other public facilities
  • roads, communication tunnels
  • bridge structures
  • underground and above-ground passages


We offer to our Clients deliveries and erection works for most complex and sophisticated projects in scope of:

  • Complex project managing
  • erection of steel constructions
  • erection of flue gas and air ducts
  • assembly/installation of technological equipment
  • erection of industrial constructions
  • co-ordination of deliveries of steel constructions and ducts, as a complementary activity, from workshops owned by ETP S.A. Group and from our  trustworthy sub-suppliers.


ETP Spółka Akcyjna
ul. Siemianowicka 5a, 40-301 Katowice
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tel. +48 32 2599 675
NIP 634-000-40-17
REGON 271431626
Sąd Rejonowy Katowice-Wschód
Wydział Gospodarczy KRS 0000055522
Kapitał zakładowy 1.192.672 zł wpłacony w całości

ETP S.A. w restrukturyzacji
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ul. Siemianowicka 5a
40-301 Katowice

Zakład w Bierawie
ul. Gliwicka 8
47-240 Bierawa

NIP: 634-000-40-17
REGON: 271431626
KRS: 0000055522

Sąd Rejonowy Katowice-Wschód w Katowicach
VIII Wydział Gospodarczy
Kapitał zakładowy 1.192.672 zł
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